Vintage Ad Of The Day – K-Mart Ad From 1977

This is a vintage K-Mart ad featuring a variety of items for sale. It includes movie processing and film for sale. You might find these items useful for the summer time. Also in the lower right hand corner an 8-Track tape player would give you a great way to play all the hits. Home churned ice cream is always refreshing as you see an ad for a ice cream maker in the top right.

Rest In Power Screech #DustinDiamond

In high school (and Junior High), I was a lot like Screech Powers from TV’s “Saved By The Bell”. I was a nerdy free spirit who was just trying to get along with others. The thing about people like Screech they just want to be accepted for who they are without having to be someone they are not. Wearing your heart on your sleeve does come with a price, unfortunately. Screech was a role model if you think about it. Dustin Diamond who played Screech Powers passed away today from lung cancer at the age of 44. Way too young. See you on the other side Screech. It’s alright because we are all Saved By The Bell. Rest in power, Dustin.