Happy Chinese New Year – The Year Of The Ox #ChineseNewYear

Happy Chinese/Lunar New Year to everyone celebrating. May this be a time of coming together for all. Let the Ox be a symbol of strength that will carry us all through these times we are in. Grace and peace.

Happy Chinese New Year – Happy Lunar New Year #chinesenewyear #lunarnewyear


Chinese New Year, known in China as the Spring Festival and in Singapore as the Lunar New Year, is a holiday on and around the new moon on the first day of the year in the traditional Chinese calendar. This calendar is based on the changes in the moon and is only sometimes changed to fit the seasons of the year based on how the Earth moves around the sun. Because of this, Chinese New Year is never on January 1. It moves around between January 21 and February 20.

To all those around the world celebrating today may it be a year of blessings, prosperity, love, peace, and grace.

Happy Chinese New Year 2017 – The Year Of The Rooster!


To all my friends who are celebrating, may this be a great year for you and yours. May you have a prosperous year ahead. May the spirit of the rooster inspire you to do great things. Grace and peace!

The Rio 2016 Olympics Medal Count As Of Monday Evening

Screenshot 2016-08-08 at 9.15.54 PM

Courtesy of Google – China, Australia and the USA are in the top 3. These games have been pretty exciting. I am enjoying the swimming, soccer/football, diving, archery and basketball.

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