To Friends The #Asian Blogging Community #stopasianhate

To all the Asian folks out there I hope you are doing your best to be safe and to stay strong and just live life on your terms. You are a vital part of the fabric of the country and the world. The hatred and violence you are experiencing is wrong on every level.

Hang in there and reach out if you need to. To my friends in the Asian community I am with you. You are good people. We need to stop this Asian hate.

My icon picture from Facebook.

Also we must continue to remember those in the Black community who continue to seek justice and equality. Black lives always matter too.

Happy Chinese New Year – The Year Of The Ox #ChineseNewYear

Happy Chinese/Lunar New Year to everyone celebrating. May this be a time of coming together for all. Let the Ox be a symbol of strength that will carry us all through these times we are in. Grace and peace.

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