Friendship Day 2018 #friendshipday

From what Google and Twitter say it’s Friendship Day and that’s cool. My view on this particular day which was founded in part by Joyce Hall of Hallmark Greeting Cards Company. The criticism is that it’s to sell and exchange greeting cards and other tokens of affection. You know what that would be fine with me. We need more expressions of love, affection and friendship these days.

We live in a mean world that needs softening up. Rediscovering tenderness and friendship is important to give us something to keep us going.

Personally I don’t have a best friend but many people I call friends. Those are people who you share a common view on life, you are there for one another when things get tough and people you can confide in. It’s important they are interested in you as a human being. I am blessed with a good family but there are extended family who I have chosen to be in my life. The one thing is that you hope as you are a good friend to others that they return the favor. Relationships need to be a two-way street to be successful and worth having.

Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone


Getting out of your comfort zone requires stepping out into unchartered territory, meeting people who are different from you and perhaps picking up on the language they speak. I also think it means meeting people half way and being willing to listen and understand. Yeah it can be scary but so rewarding in the end. Growth comes from being challenged.

How many people have ended friendships over the election? – CBS News

Seven percent of voters have lost or ended a friendship as a result of this year’s presidential race, according to a new Monmouth University survey…via How many people have ended friendships over the election? – CBS News

Personally I can say I have had some strained friendships and perhaps some relationships that will never be the same because of this presidential election here in the USA. Politics is personal. There are two things you don’t talk about, religion and politics (and sports in some places) in polite company anyway. After November the nation will take time to heal after this brutal cycle. Let’s hope we can all have a cold one after all this is said and done. Reconciliation will be hard but it’s worth doing.

National Best Friends Day….It’s OK Not To Be A Part Of That

Today is National Best Friend Day but it’s OK not to have a best friend. My spouse is my friend but not my bestie, that is a different sort of relationship that is way more intimate and special. I have always thought friendships are tough and demanding and in this temporal world we live in there is a lot of life transitions that define what and how long friendship is. I think there is pressure to maintain a platonic partnership like that because of the time and energy it takes. Some tandems have made it work over the years but others have gone their separate ways. It’s OK that I don’t have one. There is no sob story there. It is just the reality of my life.

Rambling About Reaching Out First

I am a friendly person but I grow weary of being the one to say hello first. Greetings and that sort of thing are a two-way street. Saying hello to someone isn’t very hard, you have to be intentional about it. Being nice seems to be harder these days and I wonder if people are more afraid of friendships or perhaps we are just fearful of getting burned. I am a bit of an extrovert but I have my limits as to being the one to initiate contact with people. All I can say is to practice kindness, it is an awesome thing to do.