The Friendship Rules Have Changed

The rules of friendship have changed. Online friends are just as important as “in person” friendships. There are people I have encountered over the years who have become good friends and we may never meet face-to-face. But those long distance friendships are important.

This crazy world has revealed that we need people in our lives who we can identify with and to make connections. Social networking has made making friends easier. Of course cat fishing and other traps are an unfortunate reality. Using your best judgement is advisable.

Long time local friendships matter and sometimes those become online relationships.

I am grateful to have all these wacky people in my life and I hope I am worthy of your friendships.

Thank you for being a friend.

People From Past And Present

It’s interesting to see people from your past in the same evening as you see people in your present. People are in your life for a reason and a season. Sometimes past and present people are one and the same. Friends aren’t always friends forever.

Just wait for those who will come into your life in the future. That is the rhythm of life and relationships. Life is about the journey, and who you meet along the way. We are all walking each other home if you think about it.

To Friends The #Asian Blogging Community #stopasianhate

To all the Asian folks out there I hope you are doing your best to be safe and to stay strong and just live life on your terms. You are a vital part of the fabric of the country and the world. The hatred and violence you are experiencing is wrong on every level.

Hang in there and reach out if you need to. To my friends in the Asian community I am with you. You are good people. We need to stop this Asian hate.

My icon picture from Facebook.

Also we must continue to remember those in the Black community who continue to seek justice and equality. Black lives always matter too.

To My Friends Of Color

To all my friends of color, I stand with you. Your lives make mine better. Our hearts make the world better. Please know what has happened is sad and sickening. I am hoping for better days for all of us and most importantly that you will not have to fear for your lives anymore sooner rather than later. I’ll do what I can to support you.

Love, Me.