Co-rona on The Rebound?

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It looks like the Coronavirus variants are making a comeback. Today at work I got a company-wide email about the spread and what’s going on with it. I hate to see people getting sick again or for the first time.

I hope that it won’t mean a return to full-time mask-wearing but I fear it will. Let’s hope the numbers will go back down. There is too much going on in the world and we can only take so much.

Be careful and stay well.

Thought Of The Day 03042022

We live in wonky times. Sure there’s inflation and stuff is more expensive these days among other economic situations. It’s a burden we are all experiencing, no one is immune. Let’s be grateful for what we have. And learn from history when things were much worse.

We have a pandemic we are continuing to live with. Also Vladimir Putin decided to use Russia’s armed forces to attack Ukraine. The world can’t seem to catch a break. Humanity needs one.

Be kind to others and yourself while you are at it. We are all in this thing together. Life will be better that way.

Peace On Earth

My goodness, there’s lots of turmoil going on. Russia on the border of Ukraine. Constant political protests because of COVID rules are making things tough in a lot of places. Communities are facing violence and more. I am hoping for peace on Earth.

No matter how you believe or don’t it’s my hope that we can come together sometime soon. Love should win the day. We need more love. We need more peace. The strange part of it all is that we have to fight for peace and love. As Alanis once sang “isn’t ironic, don’t you think?” yep Alanis it is.

Thought Of The Day 01082022

Be patient in these times. People are doing their best behind all the desks, counters and other places where business and the public are interfacing.

As the old sayings goes “hurt people hurt people” and “patience is divine” This is a reminder for me and we.

Here We Go Again

It looks like the new COVID variant is being a real bastard just like the ones before it. Cases are on the rise again, people are dying, and stuff is getting canceled just like it was this time last year. Getting vaxxed, wearing masks, and washing hands along with appropriate social distancing could help in managing the outbreak. My heart goes out to those who are suffering because of being sick or being there for loved ones. Christmas is a lousy time for history to be repeating. May we all take care of ourselves and those in our lives Strength who are trying to fight the virus and caring for our communities.

India and COVID, A Serious Situation #India #COVID

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India has been hit hard with COVID in the past few weeks. My heart goes out to my friends who are from there. It’s a bad situation there like it was in other places earlier in the pandemic. It’s a problem that impacts the world and needs a solid response. This situation requires more than prayers, it requires action. May the people there find hope and healing quickly. They need serious help so that things will not get worse.

For more information check out this article from CNN/MSN.

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