Barbecue Beef Cottage Pie, A Culinary Experiment

This is my culinary experiment of the week or something like that. It’s my barbecue beef cottage pie. It’s an easy-to-make concoction of sauteed onions, ground beef, barbecue sauce, mashed potatoes (made with potato flakes), and cheese. It turned out to be tasty. You could make it with ground turkey, ground chicken, or sausage if you prefer. It’s a good Tuesday night dinner.

Supper Tonight: Sloppy Tots

This looks like a strange concoction but its a great combination of a deconstructed Sloppy Joe on top of tater tots. We first came upon this dish on a church mission trip to Marion, Virginia where we had to eat up leftovers. We made Sloppy Joes and heated up tater tots. Our trip leader Dave had the idea to combine the two and Sloppy Tots were born.

Most folks will use a canned sauce for the Joe’s but I use a recipe I found online years ago called Ma Fosters Sloppy Joes and I use ready made tater tots that heat in the oven. They are better with a little crispness to them.

As you see we put some cheese on top to give it some extra flavor. Try it, it’s delish!