A Ramble About Inclusion

I’m a bit of an oddball but everyone seeks to belong to something that makes them feel a part of a group or community. Every person should have the freedom to be themselves and to be comfortable in that expression. Inclusion is a wonderful thing and being asked to be a part of a squad is something special. Life is too short to go it alone.

Being Inclusive In Ones Language

I think inclusive language is important these days. However that seems to be a moving target of what people want to be called. Pronouns are important but it seems like that rule changes frequently. Doing the right thing by people can be very hard. No one wants to be offended but eventually it will happen.

Perhaps grace and information can help people be more considerate, more kind to one another. If one is offended by what someone calls them in an attempt to reach out then perhaps some kindness and understanding that someone cares to try to meet where they are. What this is really is treating people as you would want to be treated or something like that. Names and titles are things that are important to people so I want them to be important to me.

Personally I don’t wanna get anything wrong. As a people pleaser I really want to do right by people because I think it’s the right thing to do.

I Believe In Inclusion

Speaking as a person who has been on the outside of life looking in I know the value of being included. It’s my personal goal to be as inclusive as possible with people in my life. Being excluded from things sucks if you ask me. It’s human nature to want to be valued and needed.

One thing I have learned from my experience is that life is too short not to enjoy life. A lot of people on the fringes would like that same experience and consideration. So many times in my life I have heard about situations where people were having fun and I wasn’t a part of it. I want to be sure that people in my life know they are welcome and that they are valued and wanted.