Donation On The Way To Save Three Lives

I love getting these emails letting me know my blood donation is on the way to save 3 lives. Yes, I work for the blood bank but still, if I am going to ask people to donate I need to donate myself out of principle. We all have ways of making the world a better place and this is one way I help out with that cause.

All Blood Should Be Tested For Zika

I work for a blood bank and this is a serious issue impacting public health and access to transfusions. Testing for Zika is a safety precaution and will keep the public safer. 

World Blood Donor Day, June 14, 2016 – #blooddonor @bloodassurance


June 14 is World Blood Donor Day. It’s a great opportunity to celebrate those who give the gift of life and spread the word about the value of donation.

What we see every day around the world is situations where blood is needed for those in need whether it be for surgery or because they have been in a serious accident and require an emergency transfusion or as we have seen in Orlando the need because of a mass shooting. You never know when you will need blood to save your life or even saving the lives of someone you love. Being a blood donor means saving 3 lives with every donation. If you can donate please consider donating today.

One Gallon Donated!

10653411_10153171192388830_5278662353680834233_nWith today’s donation I have now given a gallon of blood over my lifetime. It takes 8 full draws to reach that milestone. Since working at a blood bank I have donated more than I did before. To me asking others to donate means that I should be willing to donate myself. Just setting a good example for others.

Anyway, I am happy to do this to help save 3 lives and to help make a further contribution to the organization that I love to work for.