Thanks First Responders For Your Service Everyday

A community relies upon it’s fire, police and medical emergency responders to keep its citizens safe and secure. They run into danger to save the day. No matter where you are there are men and women who are the finest and bravest who are making a difference. Thank you first responders.

Daily Prompt: Flames

The Dragon above Gringotts in Diagon Alley at Universal Studio’s Orlando, FL.

The flames of a campfire or in a fireplace on a cold night can warm the body and soul. The flicker of the red, yellow and sometimes orange hues dancing are very hypnotic. Flames can mean other things like the heat of passion or the heat of an argument. You can get burned by flames but those same flames can illuminate a path and help you find your way. When controlled flames do amazing things but when they are left to their on devices they can be destructive and very harmful. Flames can also inspire and make you wonder. May we all keep our flames in check lest they burn someone or something we love.

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