Commentary On Racism

In light of the senseless deaths of African American people at the hands of law enforcement officers, there should be greater background checks on recruits as well as mental fitness screenings. If a police officer is racist and mentally unfit that makes things worse and everyone is less safe. Racism is problem enough but adding people who are licensed to carry a firearm and are trained to subdue a human being is like adding gasoline to a fire. The stress of the job can bring out the worst in people and no one is safe when that happens.

Also living in fear of one another is hurting our society in so many ways. God said fear not and to love one another. The church should play a role in emphasizing that more than they do. My friends a reckoning is coming, and it might not be good for all of us.

Thanks First Responders For Your Service Everyday

A community relies upon it’s fire, police and medical emergency responders to keep its citizens safe and secure. They run into danger to save the day. No matter where you are there are men and women who are the finest and bravest who are making a difference. Thank you first responders.

To Serve and Protect. Senseless Killings Must Stop Everywhere

I am a supporter of law enforcement. Many of it’s rank and file do great things in the communities they serve. However good law enforcement begins with training, temperance and a little tolerance along the way. Too many people have lost their lives unnecessarily due to incidences that could have been prevented. Law enforcement should be there to serve and protect even those who they are apprehending. Some people do bad things and threaten community and they need to be brought to swift justice by whatever legal means necessary. It’s also up to community and government to work together so that people aren’t brought to a point of desperation to do bad things.

The senseless killings this week are a reminder that life in all its stages is important and valuable. We have seen the names flash upon our screens and devices. Those people did not deserve to die. We can pull the trigger of a gun and public opinion too quickly without having all the facts. Too many people are no longer with family and loved ones because of that. It needs to stop. People are important, everywhere.

Did Yesterday Really Happen?

Yesterday four marines were killed in Chattanooga in a domestic terror event at two different military installations. This morning I ask myself did this really happen here. Thursday seems like a long time ago but it was just hours ago. One thing I can say is that I remain a proud citizen of this great city. We are all “noogastrong” and “chattanoogastrong” today. My thoughts and prayers go out to those who were killed and injured, including the person who committed this crime. Now the healing process begins for our city and we resolve to live our lives like we normally would.

Our paper The Chattanooga Times Free Press has continuing coverage. Click here for more on yesterday’s events.

We Can Be Heroes

My heroes don’t wear capes. They serve and protect, fight fires, deliver babies, donate blood, teach our kids, serve their higher power and raise kids. People like this help keep the chaos at bay and usher in peace. They stand in the gap, they keep us safe. Avengers are not needed if we show that good can win the day. We can be heroes for more than just one day.

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