Happy June and Happy Pride Month 2021

Welcome to June 2021 and to Pride Month where LGBTQ people are recognized for their contribution to the world. Like a new month the celebration of Pride is a story to be told and written at the same time. The struggle for those who seek to live their truth continues. May this be a good month for us all during the days ahead. Grace, peace and safety.

Spirit Day 2020 #SpiritDay #LGBTQ

Spirit Day began in 2010 as a way to show support for LGBTQ youth and take a stand against bullying.

As a person of faith, I know God made us ALL of us in His image. To bully someone for living their truth and for how they love is wrong. LGBTQ folks have a right to happiness and the blessings of their creator. Some of my best friends are people of faith who happen to be a member of the LGBTQ community. I stand with them for being awesome people. Love is Love my good people.

LGBTQ Living Your Truth In Power #NationalComingOutDay

To all my friends in the LGBTQ community this is your day of truth and power. For those who have come out I stand with you in support. For those who find it difficult to come out know that you have support and love. For some coming out is not safe and may you be brave. There is nothing wrong with you, it’s the world that is messed up. Grace and peace to you all as you seek to just be yourselves without apology.

Happy Pride – Love Is Love #pride #loveislove

Many are celebrating LGBTQ+ Pride this weekend. I stand with you as an ally and friend. Be safe and enjoy this time of remembering and honoring those who have advanced the rights of LGBTQ+ people around the world.

National Coming Out Day 2018 – #NationalComingOutday

To all my friends who have come out of dark places into the light of love and acceptance you have my support and care. For those who still can’t come out for fear may you find the courage one day to do so. Love is love and love does win. Grace and peace to you!

Happy Pride To My LGBTQIA Friends

happy pride

To all my friends in the LGBTQIA community who are marching this month you have my support, prayers and love. I am proud to be an ally to you in being able to love and live with the freedom many have enjoyed for generations. I hope you will continue to be who God created each of you to be. Be proud of who you are. Grace and peace and more importantly love.

Coming Out And Living Authentically

Everyone wants the freedom to live authentically, to be themselves, to be who they in their heart and soul is for real. People get only one shot at this life and they should be able to make the most of it. For so many there is fear of disappointing those in their lives who might not understand who they really are.

So many in so many places there are people who desire to have a chance to express who they are without reservations or reprisals from others. Issues of gender, sexuality and love are fluid these days. Stereotypes are being broken down and people are learning what it is to embrace their interests even those who don’t fit traditional roles.

There are people in small places who live in sadness and fear because they don’t love in the same way their parents did. Coming out is a dangerous proposition because not everyone understands what it is to be a LGBTQ person. All they want to do is to exist in a place and space where they are loved and understood. Unfortunately many of them suffer the cruelty of people who find their way of life as evil, sinful, despicable, immoral as they understand it from a lack of understanding and grace. Many LGBTQ people have faced serious hate that they have taken their own lives to escape the pain they have endured from others who don’t want to understand them.

As people are celebrating National Coming Out Day today they are sharing their stories and joining in community with others who are just like them. As a heterosexual man I support those people who just want to be themselves. Gay people should just be allowed to be people openly and freely without fear. Things are getting better for them but there is still a long way to go. I am proud to be friends with a wide spectrum of people and some who embrace the rainbow that connects them to a community of love who just want to live in harmony with others. There is nothing wrong with these wonderful people. Without them much of our world would not be the same. Histoy chronicles many gay people who have done amazing things to make the world a better place.

My friends I support the LGBTQ folks in my life. If I could have more friends like them I would welcome that with open arms. There is still much I want to know about their lives. All I know is that they too are made in the image of God and they are special and unique creations placed here for a purpose. Love is love. Equality forever.