Happy June and Happy Pride Month 2021

Welcome to June 2021 and to Pride Month where LGBTQ people are recognized for their contribution to the world. Like a new month the celebration of Pride is a story to be told and written at the same time. The struggle for those who seek to live their truth continues. May this be a good month for us all during the days ahead. Grace, peace and safety.

Lesbian Visibility Day, Celebrating Love And Life #lesbianvisibilityday

Lesbian Visibility Day celebrates lesbian role models and lesbian culture and diversity. Not to mention they have made important contributions to the world in which we live. They are a important part of the fabric of life in our world.  I have friends who are lesbians and I am glad to call them friends. I am glad to be an ally. Love and peace to you and the community you are members of. Love is Love!

LGBTQ Living Your Truth In Power #NationalComingOutDay

To all my friends in the LGBTQ community this is your day of truth and power. For those who have come out I stand with you in support. For those who find it difficult to come out know that you have support and love. For some coming out is not safe and may you be brave. There is nothing wrong with you, it’s the world that is messed up. Grace and peace to you all as you seek to just be yourselves without apology.