My Hope For America On July 4th

This is what I want America to be. While we are at it throw in health care for all and science is valued. America doesn’t have to be great if it can be better than it is now. Wouldn’t it be nice, just saying.

Holy Love For The Exiles

To riff on a post I saw earlier today by a very smart, devoted follower of God how can the same people I went to church with and heard the same stories of exile, escape and finding their way to a promised land find problem with families trying to do their own exile and escape from a problematic situation in their homelands. It breaks my heart to hear these people being called derogatory names and people calling for harm to come to them. God commands his people to love one another as they love him. Love thy neighbor as themselves. We live in a world where people are trying to find peace and in many places you cannot find it.

I am grateful for the faith tradition that came before where people practiced radical hospitality as Jesus and his disciples were shown during his Earthly ministry. My choice to follow the example of God is the path that I hope many will find their way to. These people are scared, they seek hope, their children are facing uncertain futures. When it comes down to it if you take away the borders and Earthly nationalities and tribes we are all of one human family with the same heart, brain, bones and blood. Let’s not shed that precious blood in the search for peace. I pray to Mary and Joseph both exiles for their intercession for these people.


Bonus Thought Of The Day

When four living First Ladies, numerous religious leaders, people from both sides of the political spectrum and so many more are calling for the end to this sinful separation of families how can anyone deny it is really happening? Families should be together. Children are being traumatized and that is not good for their future development.

A Ramble About Immigration

Using a holy text to keep families apart because you are afraid of them is morally repugnant and evil. There is zero justification for it. Shame on those who are advancing it as policy of a sinister government.

Immigration is a complex issue but families should never be separated. What is happening is not what this country is made of. Now its becoming a shell of itself. Truly sad things are happening.