A Ramble About Immigration

Using a holy text to keep families apart because you are afraid of them is morally repugnant and evil. There is zero justification for it. Shame on those who are advancing it as policy of a sinister government.

Immigration is a complex issue but families should never be separated. What is happening is not what this country is made of. Now its becoming a shell of itself. Truly sad things are happening.

A Ramble About Inclusion

I’m a bit of an oddball but everyone seeks to belong to something that makes them feel a part of a group or community. Every person should have the freedom to be themselves and to be comfortable in that expression. Inclusion is a wonderful thing and being asked to be a part of a squad is something special. Life is too short to go it alone.

A Ramble About The Afterlife

We worry about the goodness to come in the afterlife that we fail to make things good in the life we live day-to-day. In my mind it’s really selfish to want the glory of heaven/paradise when there is much to be done to live the best life you can in the here and now. Death is a part of life, it’s the conclusion of ones earthly existence but ones story does continue to be written I think when we continue to be a part of that stream of consciousness and existence in the heavenly places. Our higher power, our creator gave us the gifts of people, places, things to sustain us while here on this planet created for life. We owe it to the ones we love to be there for them and to vigorously embrace them in a profound way. Until we are called to the company of saints then we still have much living to do. It would be a shame to leave this place worse than we found it in our birth.

A Ramble About Blood, Life and Love

Blood is made of cells, plasma, platelets but that is just biology. Everyone has blood flowing through their veins and it looks pretty much alike. However blood is different because of the DNA that is a part of it. That building block of life contains unique traits from unique people. The story of family, kin, people. Blood binds people, it saves their lives and it powers the body.

Your blood is about sustaining life. It’s continuing the lineage and connecting people on a cellular and corporeal level. It takes two to create a unique person who has combined two hearts to make a new heart with its own unique blood flowing through their veins. There are stories in blood passed down from generations and those tales are what make us unique. Blood is about a lot of things, it’s about all of us and perhaps we can use it to help love one another.

A Slightly Political Ramble

I am a left of center person who believes America is great when everyone has a seat at the table, people are taken care of and love wins for all. To me freedom is about assuring life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is extended to the least of these. America is only great when everyone can realize equal opportunities. Security is more than a call to arms its knowing that everyone is safe in the knowledge that their future will be bright. Today we should look ahead to new things and we cannot revisit the past that held people back.