Vote For Better Leaders And People In 2018

Good leadership requires intelligence, wisdom, restraint, compassion and understanding of complex issues. When none of that is present then those in power must be replaced. #Vote2018 to make vital changes in leadership to make things better for the country and the world.

A Short Commentary on Technology

We all have a love/hate relationship with technology. Its to the point where many, me included, can’t do without it. In some ways its making us smarter but other ways kind of dumber. Perhaps its the seduction of a glowing screen and all the things it can do to supposedly make our lives better. I used to call a cell phone a electronic ball and chain for good reason and now I feel the weight of it because I can’t go anywhere without it. We have lived in the wired and now the wireless age and we are more connected in some ways but very disconnected in others. Technology is our friend and our foe at the same time.

Funny how all of it works for good and bad. We all wait for the latest devices that does the latest and greatest stuff only to see it bettered by new release. What will we see in the future in the next killer apps on the information superhighway? Only the future and people working on silicon valley and in other places know.

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