Register To Vote From The WordPress Reader Dashboard @wordpress #wordpress #2018Vote #election

In November there will be a mid-term election in the United States where state and federal elected offices will be decided. WordPress has posted a link on the reader dashboard to help those who haven’t registered to vote as of yet.


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My friends this election coming up is important and if you are in the United States and have not registered to vote do so now. There is a lot at stake.

Visit for more.

Vote For Better Leaders And People In 2018

Good leadership requires intelligence, wisdom, restraint, compassion and understanding of complex issues. When none of that is present then those in power must be replaced. #Vote2018 to make vital changes in leadership to make things better for the country and the world.

News Break

I am taking a break from watching the news. After the past couple of weeks its a good time to do it. Sure I will keep up with entertainment and weather stories but the hard news I am just needing to avoid. When you feel passionate about something and a news story seems to be tilted in one direction or another you get riled up and it raises the blood pressure. Facebook makes it hard to do that but you just scroll by fast.

My philosophy is to be informed on the issues but sometimes they can be a little much and everyone needs a news break.