America The Mean

The seeming lack of empathy, sympathy, kindness.and grace in America is pretty disappointing. This country is a pretty mean place. COVID is spiking again because people choose to be selfish. Don’t tell me to leave if I don’t like it the way it is because frankly things can be better and America isn’t perfect by any stretch.

Something About Kindness

Being mean to a total stranger online is not acceptable. There are a lot of people who are highly sensitive and wouldn’t harm anyone themselves. So many people are ridiculed for appearance and other attributes that it isn’t fair. Why do people have to do mean things? I don’t know but they need to get right and learn how to treat others with kindness and respect. People have some sort of license online to be mean because of the cloak of anonymity it affords. It hurts even more when it’s people have no reasons to say the things they say. Words wound, they go deep. Life is too short not to love one another.

Why Is It…?

Why is it that mean people are so loud and they seem to drown out the good and the nice? It is very troubling that this seems to be the case these days. People have it in them to be genuine and kind but they also seem to revert to being mean and vicious. Really how hard is it to be good? Really!?!