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Something About Memories

Memories can be great but they can also obscure our view of the current reality of a situation. It’s nice to look back but sometimes it can prevent needed change. Lately I have discovered this truth to be hard but necessary. I just wish pain wasn’t a part of it all.

Originally posted on Facebook in 2014.

Purging Digital Memories, It’s Not Always Easy, But Necessary


Purging the digital memories of the past can be easy but difficult at the same time. You know you will never need the things you are getting rid of again but there is always a what if or just in case thing at play. Getting rid of old files and that sort of thing can be tough but you can’t keep everything. Backups even need to be purged too to free up space but to keep your digital life current.

It’s another reminder you can only move forward and create new experiences and making room digitally is a good thing. Your digital past are the building blocks of your future.

#TBT My Bitstrip Comics. Farewell #Bitstrips

Bitstrips is going away and I am sad. It was a great way to tell my story in a humorous way. It was a popular service at one time allowing its users to share in comic format. It joins many other services on the web that are shuttering to make way for new things to capture our imagination and attention. Snapchat bought Bitstrips for $100 million. Farewell my old friend.