Something About Memories

Memories can be great but they can also obscure our view of the current reality of a situation. It’s nice to look back but sometimes it can prevent needed change. Lately I have discovered this truth to be hard but necessary. I just wish pain wasn’t a part of it all.

Originally posted on Facebook in 2014.

Purging Digital Memories, It’s Not Always Easy, But Necessary


Purging the digital memories of the past can be easy but difficult at the same time. You know you will never need the things you are getting rid of again but there is always a what if or just in case thing at play. Getting rid of old files and that sort of thing can be tough but you can’t keep everything. Backups even need to be purged too to free up space but to keep your digital life current.

It’s another reminder you can only move forward and create new experiences and making room digitally is a good thing. Your digital past are the building blocks of your future.

#TBT My Bitstrip Comics. Farewell #Bitstrips

Bitstrips is going away and I am sad. It was a great way to tell my story in a humorous way. It was a popular service at one time allowing its users to share in comic format. It joins many other services on the web that are shuttering to make way for new things to capture our imagination and attention. Snapchat bought Bitstrips for $100 million. Farewell my old friend.

Rambling About Memories

It’s interesting how memories and longing pulls us back to a place in time. There are also situations that make you yearn for better days. Our memories are tied into our emotions and its interesting how all that makes you feel. With that being said it makes it hard to live in the moment.

A Ramble About Memories

Good memories can help us through the tough times while other memories can cause great pain. Memories can be a tricky thing like that because of what is in them and how you felt. Our current state is impacted by the memories we have made and continue to hold on to.

Some folks would love to go back to the way things were while others in the same era have nightmares of where they have been. Memory is a powerful thing that can influence the present.

A Take on Time Travel, We Cannot Go Back

The idea and notion of time travel has been written about in science fiction for years. Going back or forward in time is a fantasy many have. Of course there are consequences of time travel and you have to be careful not to do anything that would impact ones future or past. From “Doctor Who” to “Back To The Future” we have seen what travelling through time and space can mean.

The time travel I want to talk about is going back into the past. Many of us would love to go back to a time where we felt comfortable, safe, secure. There are memories that help time travel so to speak so we can be in a place or to recapture a moment we would have loved to stay in.

We all have the desire to go back to the good old days where things were simpler. The Doctor anddelorean-back-to-the-future Marty McFly with Doc Brown had means at their disposal to go back in time. However they eventually needed what was next, what was possible. They found themselves in the here and now with an eye on the future.

Some people want desperately to turn back the clock. However we can’t do that because of all the advancements we have made and the new found liberties for people who have lived life on the fringes. I don’t think a person of color would want to go back to a time when they were treated as less than human. No we can only move ahead to help everyone realize the great promises that lie ahead.

We all need to have an eye on the future because we can’t stand still. As we speak we are time travelling. As Steve Miller once sang “Time keeps slipping into the future” and its true. As much as we want to we can’t go home again. But we do have our memories to help is go back when we need to for a moment.