A Note To Ontario, Canada

To all my friends in the great province of Ontario, Canada I hope you are getting on as best you can during this latest lockdown. I hope you can crush COVID soon and borders can reopen for your crazy neighbors to the south to come visit soon. You have lousy leadership from your premiere/governor among others that isn’t helping you any. Hang in there and you have my unwavering support. Peace to you all.

Happy Canada Day! #truenorth #wethenorth #canadaday


July 1st is Canada Day and I celebrate it with my friends from True North. The country has a lot to be excited about including the Toronto Raptors winning the NBA title. It’s cool when it happens on a Friday or a Monday because its a 3-day weekend for Canadians. Oh Canada have a great celebration!

It’s as close as I can get to a Toronto Raptors shirt. I’m pulling for the @raptors tonight to win the @nba Championship. #wethenorth #raptors #toronto #ontario #niagarafallscanada #nbafinals

Go Raptors! Win it all tonight.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada in Pictures

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I loved the visit to Toronto. It’s a vibrant, huge city with people from all walks of life with a purpose to make things happen. To be honest I wasn’t prepared for the size of it all. It’s a city that is not complete and will never be because new people are coming and going all the time. You can get around by Uber, Taxi, Street Car, Bus and Car and most folks walk from one place to another. Housing comes in all shapes and locations. It’s amazing to see how this town changes daily.

Everyone who lives there no matter their backgrounds live there with a common purpose. People there are polite and not overly friendly which is a good thing. It’s a historic place where important people and important events have made the world better. There is so much to see and do and another trip is necessary to see other things it has to offer. I love this city and I love Canada.


Niagara Falls: Powerful Beauty Attracts

Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada is a great place to visit to see one of the great wonders of the world. Visitors from all around the globe come here each year see the power of this amazing waterfall. It’s powerful beauty does indeed attract and keeps people coming back for more so they stay in some very unique places along the Falls.

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