$80 Million

$80 million was spent on the Tennessee Senate race. Just think about what better use of that money could have been. Like scholarships, homes for the homeless, repairing public schools, food for the poor…that sort of thing. Politics in America has gone amok on spending. Its the reason why campaigning needs overhaul.

$ Signs

dollar-signI am not the greatest when it comes to punctuation but I do know that when you talk about American currency you put the dollar sign ($) before you put the number. It’s something I learned a long time ago and its the proper way of writing it. Lately I have seen a trend of writing for example 200$ as in 200 dollars, it’s supposed to be $200. It might be a little thing but for those who are in writing, publishing and marketing that can make or break your business because details are actually a big thing if you are trying to win over clients and gain new business.

When Stuff Doesn’t Work Right

Stuff is supposed to work and when it doesn’t it is frustrating. Doesn’t matter what it is. Our refrigerator and AC have had some challenges which means opening the old wallet to get it working like it should. Keeping things cool like human beings is important, keeping them warm is important too when it’s time to keep them warm. Everything in your house that is a convenience will break down at times and that just sucks.

For those who don’t know this is called adulting and sometimes it sucks. Don’t be in such a hurry for the responsibility of being eighteen and older. It has it’s privileges but there are lots of drawbacks too.

BTW humans need to work right too…that is a post for another time though.

No winner of record Powerball jackpot, next draw put at $1.3 billion | Reuters

No one won Saturday’s record jackpot of nearly $950 million in the multi-state Powerball lottery, officials said, driving the haul for a winning ticket in the next draw to $1.3 billion, lottery officials said.

Source: No winner of record Powerball jackpot, next draw put at $1.3 billion | Reuters

This is crazy, $1.3 billion is a lot of money. Lottery players are going to rush to get their tickets for the next drawing. I have heard where winning the lottery has caused more problems for the winners than it has solved. Funny how that happens.

Rambling About Time and Money

Everything comes down to price and convenience if you think about it. Do we have time to devote to something and will it fit into our calendar and is it close by. Friends, most people are about time and money…two things we seem to have less of these days, although we still have the same 24 hours in a day but our money is always in flux.. Time and money are things we lament and celebrate in our culture. This is really a statement on what our values and priorities are.