Something About Selfies

For me selfies are a snapshot of how one is feeling and experiencing life in a singular moment. It doesn’t have to be about being narcissistic or self-absorbed. But you and I know sometimes its about saying look at me, look at me. I want you to see me in all my glory. Selfies have a purpose but they can also be a mirror into the soul and the soul isn’t always happy go-lucky.  So snap a self picture when it tells your story in the moment.

I am a self professed dork who does take very uncool selfies.

Be the star of your own blog. Your story is important.

Ramble On Narcissism

Just asking the question to the blogosphere, are we too wrapped up in narcissism and those who are stuck on themselves. I know some have suffered because of it but is it possible to move on and find healing from it all?

Some folks are really stuck on themselves and that is unfortunate because there is a great big world out there that they could benefit from. However can narcissism be something that impacts more folks than it really should?

Help me understand more about this whole thing. Am I missing something here?

A Ramble About Narcissism

A lot of bloggers write about narcissism. Admittedly I don’t know much about the issue other than it’s a issue where someone holds a higher view of themselves which causes other behavior issues. I can see there are people whose ego and self-worth can be a serious issue on many different levels. We see many people in the culture who are narcissists and those people need to put themselves on a level above the average person. We see people who have a difficulty relating to others because of their view of themselves.

It makes me wonder if those who blog about themselves or posts selfies are just wanting to share their lives or perhaps it is something more. Under the definition of what narcissism is I could be a narcissist or is there something different here? Those who write about the subject seem to have experiences that have deeply impacted their lives. It is a subject I honestly didn’t think much about until I started seeing it written about extensively on blogs I read.

We take a look in our culture and its pretty obvious who is stuck on themselves and they cannot see the condition and lives of others. Maybe those people need some course correction and to have their mirrors taken away. Life is too short to be stuck on ourselves. Maybe life experience from another person would help a narcissist come to terms with their behavior. There are some folks who enjoy being stuck on themselves. It’s all strange and curious. Once again I don’t know much. I just hope I don’t fit the definition.