Pro Tip: Advice To Newbie Bloggers

To those who are beginning their blogs or new to blogging I salute you for being awesome in joining the blogging community. Here are 3 tips to make blogging fun and to help you post more regularly.

  1. Write short posts. No more than 3 paragraphs with 3-4 sentences each. Make it on something you are interested in or how your day is going. Some folks will do a poem or other type of post. Remember the attention span of most people is short so brevity is important.
  2. Post pictures. Its an easy way to get a post up with visual impact. Add a paragraph supporting what the picture is about and why it means something to you. You can also use pictures in your short posts.
  3. Post videos. You can embed YouTube videos in your posts which can support the overall theme of your blog. It also makes your blog more multimedia which is always fun.

I encourage every blogger to “Keep on Blogging”. Make this journey fun and connect with other bloggers for more ideas as you go along.