You Haven’t Written Anything Yet

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This popped up on my WordPress composer and it got me to thinking about writing something. Is writing nothing sometimes better than writing something just to write something. This very post could be described as just posting for the sake of posting. However writing is a sacred thing to many and quality of posts are better than quantity.

It is amazing what can inspire you to write about like this notification. Interesting.

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Then there is this where WordPress is encouraging its members to keep on blogging. A philosophy I can get behind. Post A Day 2018 Pledge

I'm part of Post A Day 2018

It is my pledge to participate in the WordPress Post a Day program this year. Through the Daily Prompt, Daily Photo Challenge or just a post that comes from my head I will be sharing with you my blogging family the stuff that comes from my head and elsewhere.

Bloggers Coming Home, Welcome Back To Blogging

It’s good to see bloggers returning to regular posting. Without you the community is not as great as it can be. Welcome back to all who are coming home. Keep on blogging my friends. See you soon on the WordPress reader.

Encourage bloggers to come back to posting when you can.

Repetitive Writing/Blogging

Do you find yourself writing about the same things more than once on your blog? I seem to do this all the time. Looking back I see where I have posted about similar topics and didn’t even realize it. Maybe its good to see how an idea can mature and be developed as you go along. Perhaps its a subject or idea that just needs reinforcing.

I just hope it doesn’t mean I am running out of ideas to post about therefore potentially boring you, my followers.

What do you think?

New “Press This” on WordPress

Friends and fellow bloggers there is a new “Press This” blogging tool available. You can use this to share articles and other content from across the web on your own blog.

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Go to the to update the “press this” link.

Something About Posting

It’s interesting how one can post only one thing one day and post many things the next. Blogging is funny that way. Everyone runs out of creative juice then creativity rains from above and you can’t stop yourself from writing and posting. Post frequency is as individual as anything and every person is different in their view of how much to post and when to post it.

For me I post when the lightning strikes and inspiration presents itself. So you might see an endless stream of posts or none at all. Remember its your blog and you make the rules. Be mindful to not overwhelm your readers too often, they might unfollow you. Of course it all depends on when the mood is right and you gotta be ready to post on whatever device is handy.

Pro Tip: Advice To Newbie Bloggers

To those who are beginning their blogs or new to blogging I salute you for being awesome in joining the blogging community. Here are 3 tips to make blogging fun and to help you post more regularly.

  1. Write short posts. No more than 3 paragraphs with 3-4 sentences each. Make it on something you are interested in or how your day is going. Some folks will do a poem or other type of post. Remember the attention span of most people is short so brevity is important.
  2. Post pictures. Its an easy way to get a post up with visual impact. Add a paragraph supporting what the picture is about and why it means something to you. You can also use pictures in your short posts.
  3. Post videos. You can embed YouTube videos in your posts which can support the overall theme of your blog. It also makes your blog more multimedia which is always fun.

I encourage every blogger to “Keep on Blogging”. Make this journey fun and connect with other bloggers for more ideas as you go along.

Easier Said Than Done

Some days it’s easier to post because ideas and things are flowing like a river. Other days its more like a dry desert. I want to post something daily even if it isn’t fully inspirational or it seems like I am phoning it in. One day I will take the day off and just do a ton of commentary on the blogs I follow. As I always say, “Keep on Blogging” and there are times when that is easier said than done.

Thanks for following along, even when I am not giving it my A-game.