Dealing With Stuff and Things

I think everyone gets overwhelmed at life. They look at the whole of it and wonder how they will deal with it all. My advice is to fear not and to focus on the things you can impact directly. Someone wise said to be the change you want to see in life and I agree. In the past few months I have learned that letting go of things you can’t control is the best thing I could do. Life can present challenges that seem so overwhelming but it also provides people and resources to help you get through.

We are not meant to live life isolated because there are other people we have been given that can help us get by. We all get by with a little help from our friends so the Beatles sing. The only way to eat something big is one bite at a time. It’s sad when someone suffers but you can get through it all. So as you deal with stuff and things know that you are not alone.

Debbie Downer

Sure we have a little Debbie Downer in all of us. Being negative and spouting off conspiracy theories is a way of life for some folks and I get that. They feel passionately about things and they want to share it with the world. However, I think it’s those folks who need a hug and some positive vibes. Everyone has the right to say what they need to say but they need a new way forward with a fresh mindset. Now I have some Debbie Downer in me just like the rest of us. There are things I feel strongly about but sometimes I push that down and go along to get along. I have seen many Downers in my life and I wonder what makes them so wrapped up in misery.

I want to do what I can to help bring them out of the brink of sadness. We can’t always be mired in the deepest concerns of our life that it prevents us from having relationships with others and the world. Maybe there’s more to their issues than we know but everyone needs support to break free from being such a downer. What will make the world better for you? How should we take a step forward into the light of being positive even when you don’t feel like it.

Life is too short be in the mud and the muck. Be strong with good courage and be free of fear. It’s something we should all focus on. Take it from me there is fun to be had, you just have to lay down your burdens and pick up a new life.