National Selfie Day 2018 #nationalselfieday #selfieday #TBT

This is one of my favorite selfies. Donating blood on Red Nose Day. A lot of good being done here.

It’s Red Nose Day in the USA and I’m donating red blood cells at @bloodassurance Doing my part for kids in need. #rednoseday2018 #rednoseusa🔴 #chattanooga

Just having some fun while helping others.

Red Nose Day 2017 #rednose

Red Nose Day is dedicated to end child poverty by raising money and awareness for kids in the U.S. and around the world. I support this worthy cause because every child should have every chance for a great future. They need to be safe and secure too.

Red Nose Day 2016 – Helping Kids In A Fun Way #rednoseday


Red Nose Day is a special day to come together, have fun and make a difference for kids. Tonight on NBC TV from 9-11 there will be a special event to raise funds and bring awareness to this great cause. Get involved today!


Poverty is a problem for people all over the world. It’s not a character flaw it’s a unfortunate situation good people find themselves in. They work hard but still can’t seem to make ends meet. When children are involved then the situation is even more serious. Everyone deserves the basics of life and no one should go without. Being poor is nothing to be ashamed of. Helping the least of these is something we all are called to do.

Red Nose Day – Donate Now

Red Nose Day

In America its Red Nose Day, an event to help kids around the world. It got its start in the UK and has raised over $1 billion for charities that help relieve poverty. To learn more click the link below.

Red Nose Day – Donate Now.