The Need For Rest, Renewal

Most faith traditions call for some form of rest during the week. In my tradition it comes on Sunday. No matter what everyone needs a day or more of rest. Keeping the sabbath is important in order to keep balance in ones life. We live in a hyper-busy world where people are so over scheduled in their work and personal lives.

Everyone is afraid of missing something so they want to do everything. Saying no is hard but necessary. You can only do so many things in a week, month, year. Maybe our priorities need adjusting so our spirits can be recreated for making our lives better and those of others we love.

This is easier said than done. I have a problem with resting and relaxing. Realizing I cannot conquer the world is important to know. No one can conquer the world either.

Without rest and renewal we will find our lives to be very tough.

Good, better, best. Never let it rest. ‘Til your good is better and your better is best. St. Jerome

Something About Being At Home After Work

There are days that are harder than others. Tuesdays seem to be like that for me. Getting a handle on things on the job can wear you out. Getting home tonight felt really good and resting this evening has been great. Rest and relaxation are important because if you are going to make it the next day you need plenty of it. Renewal is important. I have a hard time relaxing so I need to intentionally chill out when I get home.

Chilling Out

I seem to have a problem chilling out. My brain runs constantly and I have a hard time relaxing. Maybe its a matter of overthinking stuff and trying to over analyzing things. Really I don’t know how to rest or give myself permission to rest. I feel like my “on switch” is always on. One day I hope I can find the right way to relax and give myself a break. At the end of a long day sometimes all I wanna do is go home and rest but it doesn’t seem like I do a good job of it. I also need to sleep better at night and I know that will help a lot of other things. Rest ye who are heavy laden or something like that.