Sunday Reflection: Rest and Renewal

Our lives are so scheduled, so busy, so fast. We need to spend more time in rest and renewal. Think about how this world has been moving over the past 100 or more years. So many people have run out of steam and it’s crushing their spirits. It’s good to be still and silent. Quiet is your friend.

Don’t let your lives be consumed until there is nothing left. Be good to yourselves and learn that your life doesn’t have to be spent constantly in motion. Slow it down good people.

A Time Of Rest and Renewal

Each of us has a time of rest, renewal and recreation. Without rest we don’t function at our best.

In many faith traditions believers are commanded to rest. Today is a day of rest or Sabbath for many. I went to church this morning to be in communion with my parish peeps and to be recharged spiritually and to worship together with others seeking the same thing.

Rest means letting go of work in whatever form that means to an individual. Once you leave your workplace, leave your workplace if you can. When you relax you must do it intentionally meaning whatever recharges you and gives you a reset, do that. You know what is best for you.

One’s imagination and life benefits from taking time for themselves. There is this self-care movement that reminds us that people need to push the pause button on life. It can be hard to find the time to chill out because we are over extended, over committed and over worked.

We all need renewal of mind, body and spirit. You can’t be your best if you are burning the candle at both ends. Really, you can find yourself again when you relax. Something I am learning how to do.

This post is inspired by my priest, Fr. Quinn Parman.



Renewed TV Shows: 2017 Renewal Scorecard — What’s Returning, Cancelled? | TVLine

TVLine’s annual cheat sheet of relief, anxiety and utter anguish known as the Renewal Scorecard has arrived! From now until late May, ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC and The CW will determine which shows are go…

Source: Renewed TV Shows: 2017 Renewal Scorecard — What’s Returning, Cancelled? | TVLine

This is the time of year that TV shows are renewed for another season or cancelled. Networks are looking at ratings, cost of production and other factors in their decision making. A lot of people are nervous right about now and others are on the phones with their agents to get them work. Some shows I liked this past season are coming back while others have gotten the ax. I am hanging on for a few more shows that are in limbo. We shall see what happens.

Yes I still love broadcast TV. I grew up on it and appreciate what it brings to the culture of the nation.

Daily Prompt: Renewal

In a few hours the world will renew itself and ring in the new year of 2017. Every year is a new set of opportunities to do things to make our lives and the lives of others better. Perhaps it’s also a time to right some wrongs and do things better or different. Renewal comes in many forms and is very personal. I am hoping for global renewal despite the political forces that are at play. Cleansing, purging, clearing can be a renewal and restoration of space and place. Many need spiritual and emotional renewal in the coming year. No matter what we all need some renewal in mind, body and soul. Think of a new calendar as a clean slate that can give us all a second chance.

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Something About Being At Home After Work

There are days that are harder than others. Tuesdays seem to be like that for me. Getting a handle on things on the job can wear you out. Getting home tonight felt really good and resting this evening has been great. Rest and relaxation are important because if you are going to make it the next day you need plenty of it. Renewal is important. I have a hard time relaxing so I need to intentionally chill out when I get home.

I Have Permission To Rest, Renew, Chill Out


My wife posted this on my Facebook timeline and its very true. I need to rest, not fix everything and I don’t have to make everyone happy. Taking time for me is important and I am looking forward to it.