Another Reunion: Former Church Friends

Tonight I went to a gathering of folks who once belonged to the same church. We all have a shared experience in that place where we once worshiped and had fellowship. Church is a place of spiritual expression and faith so when one must leave a place of worship there are reasons why and that sometimes you have to change. I have done this more than on one occasion in my life and its never easy.

Sometimes you leave because of theological or philosophical reasons, those are tough. Leaving means you have to relocate because of life’s calling to live and work in another community. Some churches will hold homecoming observances that brings former members back for a special worship service. I haven’t been to one in quite some time. Reuniting is good when there is friendship and camaraderie outside the walls of the church house. In tonight’s gathering there was good food, conversation and more.

Leaving means finding yourself in a place where you can find yourself.


Tonight we visited with some friends from our former church for dinner and fellowship. We hadn’t seen many of these folks since June and it was good to catch-up. It’s important to visit with one another in person and not virtually.

Being with these people was good for my heart and soul. There is something about breaking bread and sharing stories with one another. Dinner tonight was potluck and that too is a metaphor for people who come together bringing their own dishes to share. Reunions are a special thing and when you have it with people who were once a regular part of your life and who you were with weekly it can be a special event. Friendships are supposed to be long-lasting even when the thing that brought you together is no longer.

Special thanks to Mike and Sandee for hosting tonight.