CHAMPIONS: Leicester City Secure Premier League Title! –

For the first time in our 132-year history, Leicester City Football Club are the champions of England after securing the 2015/16 Barclays Premier League title on Monday night.

Source: CHAMPIONS: Leicester City Secure Premier League Title!

This is the story that has captured the imagination of sports fans around the world. A unlikely story of a team that beat enormous odds to win the English Premier League championship.

It’s proof that if you work hard and dream a little the improbable can be possible. Way to go Foxes.

US Women’s National Soccer Team Victory In Chattanooga!

Way to go ladies, you did good even in a very rough weather situation. Thank you for coming to the great city of Chattanooga for your Victory Tour!

The Women’s World Cup Football Champions Are in #Chattanooga

The US Women’s National Soccer team is in Chattanooga for a friendly match against Costa Rica. Without doubt they are the best national team in the world. Having them in our city is awesome. It is one more way to grow the game of Soccer/Football in big and small places.

Soccer Tickets Just Bought For The Chattanooga FC Soccer Match Saturday Night!

I just bought tickets for Saturday’s football/soccer national championship game on Saturday. This is going to be fun, competitive, rowdy and festive. They expect 10,000 plus for the game and this is fourth division competition. Chattanooga FC has captrued the imagination of our city and its exciting to see the rally of this scrappy team. It’s going to be a great match.

Championship Saturday in Chattanooga – Chattanooga FC vs. New York Cosmos B

Saturday night is alright for fighting…Elton John.

This Saturday it is going to be a football/soccer turf war between my hometown Chattanooga FC and The New York Cosmos B for the National Professional Soccer League national championship. I cannot wait!