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Star Wars: The Last Jedi – The Force Is Strong With This One #starwars


No spoilers here but the new Star Wars film The Last Jedi is a terrific film that does a good job of advancing the story and introducing new possibilities for the future. This is the last movie with Carrie Fisher in her role as Leia as she passed away late in 2016. I had forgotten how good Mark Hamill was as an actor. Daisy Ridley is a legit talent who is going places. There have been good reviews and bad reviews depending on who you talk to but for me I trust the storytelling here and I really liked the movie. You be the judge.

May The Force Be With You….oh go see this on a big screen, it is the best way to experience any Star Wars movie.

Star Wars: Episode VIII will be titled The Last Jedi – The Verge

Up until now, we’ve been referring to the next installment of the Star Wars franchise as Episode VIII. Today that changes. Lucasfilm has announced that the film’s title is Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Source: Star Wars: Episode VIII will be titled The Last Jedi – The Verge

Good news for Star Wars fans because we are getting closer to its release date. This franchise has seemed to have undergone a rebirth of sorts with “The Phantom Menace” and “Rogue One”. Nerds and geeks like me everywhere are stoked about this!