Spinning Some Vinyl – Styx Paradise Theater

I am using my new record player for the first time today. I was awaiting the first record I ordered, “Paradise Theater” by Styx to arrive before spinning some vinyl today. I am musically being transported back to my youth here.

The record player itself sounds good although a little more bass would be nice.

Sonic Saturday: Too Much Time On My Hands – Styx

Introducing Sonic Saturday. I am going to post some music videos on Saturday that are relevant to what’s going on today and come from my point of view.

Too Much Time On My Hands is a classic track from the classic rock group Styx. When you think about it we all have more time on our hands these days and you know there’s nothing wrong with that.

Quote Of The Day

This could be the longest night in recorded history. And as for sleep, you might as well just cross it off the list of possibilities. From the song Just Get Through This Night from the Kilroy Was Here album by Styx

Styx – Paradise Theater @ 37 Years #FlashbackFriday #FBF

The classic rock group Styx released it’s hit record “Paradise Theater” 37 years ago on January 19, 1981. It produced some terrific music that is some of my favorite rock and roll songs. It’s hard to believe it’s been this long ago but the sound is as good as I remember.

Throwback Thursday – Styx – Mr. Roboto #TBT #Styx

Styx is a rock group that made it really big in the 1970’s and 1980’s. I saw them in Concert in 1983 during their “Kilroy Was Here” tour. This song is theatrical and has a theme of people not wanting to be robots but to be themselves, something everyone can identify with.

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