Surprising Results In The UK General Election #GE2017

My goodness there are some unexpected results coming in from the UK General Elections, sounds like a huge surprise is unfolding. Labour is doing very well and will take seats from other parties. Jeremy Corbyn has reinvigorated the Labour party and this gamble by Prime Minister Theresa May has certainly backfired. Will she get the sack or will she resign, sounds like she has limited options politically. We shall see what happens on Friday when all this shakes out.

The United Kingdom General Election 2017 – GO VOTE! #GE2017


To my friends in the UK, GO VOTE! Your voice needs to be heard June 8th. Every vote matters. It will impact everyone in the future. You have a chance to make a difference. Be the change you want to see. Take a friend or two to the polls. You can make history.

Theresa May: A profile of Britain’s next prime minister – ITV News


Theresa May began her political career in the middle of Margaret Thatcher’s premiership and has long been touted as the woman most likely to become Britain’s second female prime minister.

link via Theresa May: A profile of Britain’s next prime minister – ITV News

Later today Theresa May becomes the new Prime Minister of Great Britain. She follows in the steps of Sir Winston Churchill and Baroness Margaret Thatcher. From what I have read she will be a tough leader and will have to negotiate terms of the Brexit leave of the European Union. She is going to have her work cut out for her as she succeeds outgoing Prime Minister David Cameron who served for six years. .

My British/UK friends, what say you about your new Prime Minister?