I don’t want to admit it, but WW III is imminent. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine will force the hand of many nations to act. This was much like WW II when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor. Before that, the United Kingdom was getting pummeled by Nazi Germany. There are so many people suffering in Ukraine that something has to be done.

I am hoping for peace but I am being realistic. Hope for the best but prepare for the worst. I don’t think Ukraine can take much more without some help. Sanctions will only do so much and this seems to be more about bringing a country to its knees.

God be with us all, especially Ukrainians everywhere and the Russian people who are protesting what is going on.

Sunday Reflection – The Ukrainian Flock

As I went to church this morning I was in a safe place with no chaos. Today in Ukraine people were just trying to find a place to worship where they could do so in safety and peace. I am mindful of this fact and I should be more grateful. Who knows what Easter will be like for these people. It’s also OK for those folks to be pissed off at God for what is happening these days. All I know is that God is with them, no matter what.

Thought Of The Day 03042022

We live in wonky times. Sure there’s inflation and stuff is more expensive these days among other economic situations. It’s a burden we are all experiencing, no one is immune. Let’s be grateful for what we have. And learn from history when things were much worse.

We have a pandemic we are continuing to live with. Also Vladimir Putin decided to use Russia’s armed forces to attack Ukraine. The world can’t seem to catch a break. Humanity needs one.

Be kind to others and yourself while you are at it. We are all in this thing together. Life will be better that way.

Hello Friday, Be Mindful

It’s Friday which is normally a happy day but with stuff going on around the world we should ponder the serious situation that many find themselves in. As we do our routine, be mindful of the suffering of the people of Ukraine and elsewhere.

Have a good Friday my good people. Love and peace.

The Attack On Ukraine, May There Be Peace Again

The Russian military began attacking the nation of Ukraine on Wednesday 2/23/2022. This situation is dangerous and serious for those who call it home. The attack was unprovoked and is all sorts of wrong.

I’m hoping for an end to the violence and I’m asking that peace will come again. God be with those in harms way, keep them safe. May this be a call to action for people to love above all.