Vintage Ad Of The Day – Ads/Promos For the 1986 TV Season

The new television season is upon us and this compilation of new shows for the 1986 U.S. TV season seemed appropriate. You will find some familiar faces in these promos which makes it even more fun. Enjoy!

Vintage Ad Of The Day – Winter Wonderland In Old Quebec

This vintage ad for Canadian Pacific is a reminder of colder days that are hopefully ahead. Spending time in a Winter wonderland in Old Quebec would be pretty nice right about now.

Vintage Ad Of The Day – Zayre Back To School

There was a Zayre department store in my hometown for years. It was one of the coolest places to shop. This is a back-to-school ad from back in the day.

Vintage Ad Of The Day – K-Mart Ad From 1977

This is a vintage K-Mart ad featuring a variety of items for sale. It includes movie processing and film for sale. You might find these items useful for the summer time. Also in the lower right hand corner an 8-Track tape player would give you a great way to play all the hits. Home churned ice cream is always refreshing as you see an ad for a ice cream maker in the top right.

Vintage Ad Of The Day – Easter Candy

This ad seems so colorful for this time in history to celebrate Easter. Candy is a important part of the observance. My favorite Easter candy is black jelly beans and Reese’s peanut butter eggs.

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