Wonder Woman Snubbed Of Academy Awards Nominations

The Academy Awards failure to recognize Wonder Woman by denying it of any nominations is troubling and sad. It was a opportunity to recognize a film that was culturally important in the past year. The Oscars needs to expand it’s world view and to be more inclusive of different types of genres that includes comedy and super hero movies. The team of Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins were special in a time when the role of women have social significance. The same could be said for past movies who were also snubbed.

Wonder Woman, A Great Film And Not Just The Super Hero Kind. It’s Truly Special

gal-Gadot-Wonder-Woman-movie-June-2017There are great films and Wonder Woman is one of those. It’s not just a great super hero film because that would sell it very short. Gal Godot is a great actress who is the perfect fit for this iconic role. Sometimes a film takes forever to get made because the right person for the role hadn’t come along. With that being said Godot is brilliant and the only person for the part.

This movie is about the constant battle of good vs. evil which is the ever-present theme of super hero movies. Having the movie set in World War I, which was a horrible war in and of itself provides a great backdrop for Diana Prince and Captain Steve Trevor played by Chris Pine to explore humanity from a wide array of events and emotions. I was very impressed by Diana’s sense of social awareness and she was not afraid to question everything to understand what was happening in the world.

Patty Jenkins directed an epic film. She is also a Wonder Woman in how she brought so much to the story. There is so much to like about this from the characters to the issues of justice that some people have to encounter. The story took history of the era and the mythos of Themyscira and the Amazonian’s and made something special.

You have to see this if you haven’t already. Go see it, on the big screen. You will be glad you did.