Thanks Bloggers

Thank you for letting me follow your blog and to know more about your world. I appreciate the connections we are making through blogging. I hope this makes us all better people.

Happy Republic Day India! #republicday #india

Happy Republic Day India!

India’s Republic Day marks the anniversary of the adoption of the Indian constitution. It is an annual gazetted holiday in India on January 26. (From

To my fellow bloggers from India I wish you a happy day and celebrate the contributions of your great nation to the world. To my followers from India I salute you for your contributions to the blogosphere and your friendship.


Spreading Peace Everywhere

May the peace of the Lord be with you.

May the peace of your creator sustain you.

May there be peace in our hearts so it can be in our homes.

May peace be in our homes that it spills out into community.

May there be peace in our communities that it spreads into the world.

May there be peace universal, global, in eternity

May peace be in all of time and space throughout all dimensions.

May you have that kind of peace always.

A Ramble About Doing The Right Things

Being humble and holy are two things that should work hand-in-hand with one another. No matter your faith you have a responsibility to represent it well in community and play will with others.

Christians should be known by their love among other traits. People of the “Jesus Movement” should fight for justice, peace, equality, fairness and for those in the margins. The greatest display of ones faith is to be active in your community to make it better, not worrying about minor things that in eternity won’t matter when it’s all said and done.

Believers of all faiths and even those who have chosen not to believe all have a responsibility to one another as people in a global community. We must be willing to love one another and to fear not. Maybe we need to be bolder in how we care about things that impact us all like education, racism, sexism, economic disparity and the like. The March on Selma and the non-violent protests from Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King as well as Gandhi were statements about love for humanity and reflecting the divinity of their respective faiths. Former President Jimmy Carter who has cancer is still working on building homes for Habitat For Humanity. Pope Francis opened a homeless shelter for men in the Vatican and goes into prisons to wash the feet of inmates. Bill and Melinda Gates give generously to help keep Malaria at bay in areas where its a health crisis.

When it’s all said and done we are all called to do the right things for one another. My friends may this be a call to all of us to have extravagant displays of compassion, hope, charity and most importantly love.