Rambling About Mobile Blogging

Blogging on ones smartphone can be a great way to post on the run. A downside to it is the auto correct feature that takes words you meant to say and turns it into something else. The result of that is a post that doesn’t make sense if you don’t proofread it, which I am guilty of doing. When blogging on your phone keep your posts short and be sure you proof as you go along. I encourage mobile blogging because its a great way to capture the events of life in real time. Your phone can be your friend in blogging.

11 thoughts on “Rambling About Mobile Blogging

  1. Samantha says:

    You can always turn off auto correct. Mobile blogging is only doable if you, indeed, keep the post short. At least in my case, otherwise I end up all frustrated like Send Sunshine.


    • dotcamomblog says:

      Other problem words have been you’really, here’S and nu,berrybesttees.

      The words should have been “you’re, here’s and number”.


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