Mobile Blogging

I am finding when you post from your app shorter posts seem to work best. A short “Twitter-like” approach can make it easier and more fun. I will do more status-type updates from my phone than full-length posts. A picture can help share your story with few words. WordPress features various post types which can help you tell your story quickly. Have fun posting remotely.

Rambling About Mobile Blogging

Blogging on ones smartphone can be a great way to post on the run. A downside to it is the auto correct feature that takes words you meant to say and turns it into something else. The result of that is a post that doesn’t make sense if you don’t proofread it, which I am guilty of doing. When blogging on your phone keep your posts short and be sure you proof as you go along. I encourage mobile blogging because its a great way to capture the events of life in real time. Your phone can be your friend in blogging.