Upgrade Your Perceptions – Android


The best update/upgrade to iOS is to get an Android phone. Apple isn’t the only game in town and Google is great at the stuff you need to do online and on your phone. My next phone will be an Android. I am a fan of what I can do with my Chromebook and Android phone. It’s good to think differently. Upgrading your perception can be a good thing.

Rambling About Mobile Blogging

Blogging on ones smartphone can be a great way to post on the run. A downside to it is the auto correct feature that takes words you meant to say and turns it into something else. The result of that is a post that doesn’t make sense if you don’t proofread it, which I am guilty of doing. When blogging on your phone keep your posts short and be sure you proof as you go along. I encourage mobile blogging because its a great way to capture the events of life in real time. Your phone can be your friend in blogging.

A New Phone, Sort Of

This evening I am doing a factory reset of my Samsung Galaxy 5s. When you do this it means deleting your downloaded apps and having to reinstall them. Any non synched data is usually wiped out too. Mobile phones are computers that need to be cleaned periodically and this is an extreme way of doing that. Tonight I hope to have everything back to normal or perhaps better than before. I hope everything goes well though.

My New Dick Tracy Watch From Samsung

dick_tracy_large-560x315For Christmas, Santa Laura got me a Samsung Gear watch that pairs with my Galaxy S5 phone. It has a few useful apps and extends the functions of my phone to my wrist. I am calling it my “Dick Tracy” watch after the comic strip of the same name where the lead character used a really cool watch to communicate. I can take pictures, answer calls, get notifications, use Evernote, Feedly, listen to music and other cool things. I really like it. So I would like to thank Santa Laura for putting it under the tree for me. 20151226_171631