A New Look For Ye Olde Blog Powered By #WordPress

Screenshot 2019-04-03 at 9.55.47 PM

I have changed back to the Twenty Sixteen theme because it has a classic blog feel and it looks cleaner too. I did some modifying to the themes CSS to give it a little custom touch. What do you think?

Yet Another Theme Change…

I wanted to do something different than just a blog and to challenge my ability to take a stock theme and customize it to the way I wanted it to look. Using the Sela theme that is somewhat light and airy I tweaked it using some CSS and gave it the Tony touch. The blog functions as a website as well as a blog so I have the best of both worlds. Let me know how you like it and is it easy to navigate. Thanks for putting up with my changing stuff around. As long as you can read it on all your devices that is what I am going for.

The Tony Burgess Blog – New Theme, Big And Bold

Screenshot 2018-03-27 at 7.59.23 PM

I have used the Toujours theme before but I wanted it to look the way I wanted. It took me some time to find the CSS coding to make it look the way I wanted but after much research on the web and trial-and-error I have made it mine. The coloring is based upon the college where I got my bachelors degree, Middle Tennessee State University’s school colors which is blue and white. Everything on it is bigger and bolder than I have ever done before. It’s easy to read and use, well at least I think so. Let me know what you think. Feedback is always welcome.

Something Older For The Blog In The New Year

The New and Improved tonyburgess1969.net

Announcing my new and improved blog look for 2018. I have taken the four-year-old Twenty Fourteen and have tweaked the CSS to make it look very blue which is very me. I am a big fan of white font on dark backgrounds because I think its much easier to read and it gives it a certain style.

Twenty fourteen allows me to pull in my blogging community in a very effective way too because I am looking at making my blog the central social network for me in the coming year. Not only is my blog where I express myself its also a connection hub too for you the followers.

Check it out and let me know what you think.


Queen Blue, It’s A Nice Color

I have changed the background of my blog to Queen Blue (CSS Color #436b95). This helps the typeface of my blog to look its best and to be easily read (that’s important in blogging you know). I don’t want to pay for the custom CSS option from WordPress.com so I needed to be creative within the bounds of the free options.

Queen Blue is a good blend of lighter and darker shades. I recommend it if you want a change in how your blog looks without many visibility issues. Check it out.