Streaming and Dreaming

So many streams

So much Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ and Amazon Prime

So many choices, so little time

So many things to see and experience

So many stories to be told

So be careful when you binge lest you get old

So much, too much to pick from

After a while, it isn’t so much fun.

The Internet is bending but will it break

Because of the powerful streams, people are enjoying

Make time for yourself. Your favorite characters will be there when you get back

All this streaming can inspire some dreaming

Hey can you bring me some popcorn and a beverage or two

Stream, stream, stream is all we wanna do.

Enjoy your Mandalorian and that Baby Yoda too.

All of it is streaming to you.

Yeah, there’s too much to watch.

Creative Blast: Charisma in Character

A preacher, a musician, a poet, an actor, an athlete all have the power to command your attention and to influence you. You see them on a stage and you find yourself looking up to them. They have charisma and character that moves you. How you react to their message is totally up to you. Some you pay to see others you view for free. You give them your time and treasure to see what they will do. You follow them and wait to see what they do and say next.

They are in your hearts and on your minds all the time. They have your attention. Every move they make you will know it from your social feed. These people become part of you.

Personality is a powerful thing and you find yourself wanting to copy them. Being in their presence is a religious experience bordering on obsession. If they offer merch you wear it, own it and it becomes a uniform that you wear in solidarity with others who are doing the exact same thing.

How do you break free or why would you want to?


In a world of corporation, conglomeration, chains
There is a spirit of being Indie

Indie films on a screen
Indie bands with new, exciting music in your ear
Indie food with a different taste
Indie artists who paint outside the lines sometimes
Indie writers and poets with something radical to say
Indie wrestlers wanting their time in the ring
Indie people seeking freedom to do their own thing without consequence

There is something refreshing about being Indie
You can find a new spirit tied to creativity
There’s a risk of being Indie but the reward is eternal

Indie means being Independent and Interdependent simultaneously

The thing about being Indie is that you take a chance
That is worth it all

Be Indie

Daily Prompt: Famous

Most of us have dreams of being famous or having some sort of celebrity. I do as well. Whether it be on a reality TV or on a TV show I have had that fantasy. I suppose it’s a part of my people pleasing nature and desire to be recognized and liked. They say fame can be a bitch and can bite too and from what I have seen I believe that thought. Famous people may have some advantages but they also have to contend with false news being spread about them or rumors and paparazzi. So I contend to do my part on the planet and hope its enough. An attaboy would be nice, maybe a plaque or trophy every now and then. But being famous, that’s something all together different. Maybe being blog famous would do!

Via today’s Daily Prompt: Famous

Creative Blast – Leaks

Leaks can damage a building
All it takes is drop after drop

Leaks can ruin a career
Loose lips sink ships

Leaks can ruin a surprise
A slip of the tongue

Leaks can destroy partnerships
An affair of the heart caught on tape for all to see

Leaks seem to be the thing these days
Better put a plug in them or else

Creative Blast – Fantasy and Reality

We live in fantasy
We die in reality
People are wanting a new life
Away from the strife that surrounds them

What do we do with situations that seem helpless
Hoping for one day where we can control our situation
Can’t we just live in a safe space

A land where there is a smile on every face
Is this too much to ask

Maybe there is a spot between fantasy and reality where we all can go.

My World Poetry Slam Man

Today is World Poetry Day and I am not much on the rhymes

However if I took a little time I could find some in my soul.

My soul is a place where the gladness, madness and fire comes from.

My blog is truth tellin’ and on point from where I sit or stand

The work I do comes from a great demand for saving lives

That ain’t no jive man.

You may find this lame but I am new to the game at least I am tryin

When you read this you may be dyin or cryin or lyin to save my heart

But somewhere you gotta start

So this is my story for the moment maybe I am a poet and I didn’t even know it.