Getting Away From Reality

I really need to get away from cable news. The election is over and perhaps more fiction and news from regular people would do me some good.

Right now I am doing some pretty heavy reading for my religious studies class so I don’t have it in me for more reading. Blogs are an exception to that rule though.

However, I am binging some sci-fi, fantasy and a little juicy romance on some streaming services so there is some balance there. I also watch stuff on regular TV. I guess anything you can do to provide a diversion in the days we live in at the moment.

Streaming and Dreaming

So many streams

So much Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ and Amazon Prime

So many choices, so little time

So many things to see and experience

So many stories to be told

So be careful when you binge lest you get old

So much, too much to pick from

After a while, it isn’t so much fun.

The Internet is bending but will it break

Because of the powerful streams, people are enjoying

Make time for yourself. Your favorite characters will be there when you get back

All this streaming can inspire some dreaming

Hey can you bring me some popcorn and a beverage or two

Stream, stream, stream is all we wanna do.

Enjoy your Mandalorian and that Baby Yoda too.

All of it is streaming to you.

Yeah, there’s too much to watch.

‘Stranger Things’ Creators On Barb, Eleven And How Glitter Delayed Production : NPR

The surprise TV hit of the summer is a show that looks like it could have been made 30 years ago. Netflix’s Stranger Things is a suspense horror show set in 1983. It takes place in small Indiana town where one night a boy goes missing. There’s a mysterious government lab, a monster and boys riding around town on bikes.

Source: ‘Stranger Things’ Creators On Barb, Eleven And How Glitter Delayed Production : NPR

This show has captured the imagination of many. As a child of the 1980’s it takes me back to the era I came of age in. This week we have been watching it and have thoroughly enjoyed it. Can’t wait til season two.

Here’s What Keeps Americans From Cutting the Cord — The Motley Fool

Very slowly, Americans are cutting the cord with traditional pay-television providers.It’s not the mass exodus that has been predicted, even though the alternatives to cable and satellite are extensive, convenient, and inexpensive.

Source: Here’s What Keeps Americans From Cutting the Cord — The Motley Fool

For some this is a real choice to paying for both TV and Broadband at the same time. I still prefer to watch shows on a real TV and watching as it comes over the air live. Many folks will get a old school over-the-air antenna to get digital TV channels from their local broadcasters.