#TBT Throwback Thursday – Garth Brooks: “We Shall Be Free”

I am a country music fan and Garth Brooks is one of my favorite performers of all time. “We Shall Be Free” was released in 1992 on his album “The Chase”. Garth Books words back then resonate with the life here in 2018. Some of you might not be country fans and that is OK but check this out, it is very inspirational.

Music Monday – Del Shannon – Runaway #musicmonday

This song was released in 1961 and in my mind is one of the great oldies in rock and roll history. It is a up tempo song with some awesome storytelling.

Music Monday – Vanessa Williams – The Comfort Zone

Vanessa Williams is a former Miss America and one heck of a singer. This song “The Comfort Zone” speaks to us about being there in a place of personal pleasure and what it can do to you.

Flashback Friday #FBF – 5th Dimension, Age of Aquarius

With the recent discovery of new planets this song seems to be appropriate for a Friday. Age of Aquarius from The Fifth Dimension is as old as I am so its a great Flashback Friday tune.

Music Monday – Bruce Hornsby And The Range – The Way It Is

Somehow this song is kind of relevant to many. But I think hope is more powerful. From 1986 this is Bruce Hornsby and The Range with “The Way It Is”

Music Monday – Beastie Boys “Sabotage” #StarTrekBeyond #StarTrek

In the first and third Star Trek movies produced by JJ Abrams this song by The Beastie Boys is featured. In the future world in which this song is played this music is considered classical. Enjoy this classic from the 1980’s.