Willing To Serve

The military of the United States is a voluntary force. People willingly enlist to serve and defend. Our service people come from all walks of life which in my view makes it better. Some of these folks are from the LGBTQ community and when they join they willingly give their service and their lives to the protection of people who seek to make their lives very difficult and will discriminate against them for living their truth.

Transgender service people should have the right to serve. They just want the same right to life, liberty and happiness guaranteed to all citizens of the United States. It matters not to me a persons orientation or gender because they are willing to do what I didn’t and what some in leadership in this country didn’t and that is to put on a uniform of their country and to offer all they have so that others might be free.

Thanks to all who served from every walk of life. Past, present, future.

The Cost Of Saying “No” Too Many Times

You can only say “no” too many times before people stop asking you to be a part of something. I understand too well that saying “yes” too many times can deplete your mind, body and soul. Saying “no” frequently means giving up possible opportunities that can change your life and the lives of others.

The solution could be prioritizing ones life so that there can be some balance but even then its easy to decline instead of accept. Professionally you have to say yes every now and then to indicate you still have interest in growth and advancement in your chosen field. Personally it means giving value to relationships of family and friends that you want to be a part of their lives.  Just saying “no” just to say “no” out of habit can be a problem for you down the road.

It takes courage either way to say yes and to say no. You just have to figure out what means more to you.

Rambling About Opinions And Friendships

Everyone has opinions on things they feel passionately about. It’s also a popular thing to post that opinion on your social feed. Some folks will support and agree with you while others won’t. Certainly there are situations when debate and disagreement has been so strong that it causes friendships to be strained and some to end.

I think everyone should have the freedom to express themselves without being punished for it when it goes contrary to the opinion of others. There are some good people I have had to unfriend/un-follow on Facebook because they consistently and constantly post things that are born from ignorance and intolerance. Yes you might say I am being intolerant too but when someone is so radical and outspoken you just need to free yourself of it.

There are times when losing friendships happens because of your views and what you stand for. Yes it’s sad when you go through that but perhaps it might be for the best. I have to think there will be other people who will step in the gap and become your friend because they value what you have to say and what you believe. A solid friendship will remain despite the differences however if you find that a friend cannot see your point of view then perhaps is that friendship worth preserving ?

Tolerance is a hard thing, understanding is even harder, love is the hardest thing you have to do. Remember you have to be yourself and your opinions matter too.

Rambling About Sharing One’s Views

I don’t expect everyone to agree with me who visits my blog or my social media platforms. However I do hope for respect, dialogue and understanding. Many of us have the freedoms our countries provide to express how we feel and we must be mindful there are those who do not. As a person with those freedoms I will never take them for granted nor will I use them in such a way that is demeaning. Everyone is worthy of grace and love while some in the public eye deserve some constructive criticism. It is my hope that despite our differences we can remain friends and friendly.

Just so you know my beliefs, blogging and politics are left-leaning but a good deal of the time I tend to be a moderate. Just so you know what to expect here.

If you find what I have to say as being something you cannot accept, I do understand. For those who chose to hang around I want to say thank you for your time when you visit here. I do appreciate it.

Land of Opportunity, Everywhere

I am an American but I must say that my country is not the only land of opportunity. We have a big bowl but there are millions of fish in that bowl too. Everyone has a dream but people can achieve their dreams and build their own countries where they come from. I know the USA has a image around the world but really we aren’t all that. We can’t seem to treat those in the fringes well. Non-natives aren’t looked at all that well by everyone.

Every land can be a land of opportunity. America does not have a monopoly on building a bright future. I am not anti-immigrant or anything like that or even racist for that matter. I think the best and brightest of places like India, Canada, UK and continents like Africa and South America need their own to stay home to make their home and native lands even better for a new generation.

Everyone has a chance to do amazing things and there are lots of places that need that chance to flourish, thrive and become their own lands of opportunity.

End the Gun Epidemic in America – The New York Times

​It is a moral outrage and national disgrace that civilians can legally purchase weapons designed to kill people with brutal speed and efficiency.

Source: End the Gun Epidemic in America – The New York Times

Enough blood has been shed in this country and we have to do something. I agree it’s a moral issue that has lives in the balance. No constitutional amendment is more important than a life.

Rambling on Differences of Opinion

It’s OK for friends to have a difference of opinion. No two people are alike. Opinions can bring people together or fracture friendships. I do worry about what people think…maybe its a little self esteem thing or perhaps a little fear of someone not liking me anymore. Even the best of friends can disagree. Sometimes it’s good not to overthink it and not make it an issue.