What You Can Expect From My Posts

I plan on posting several times a day. Things inspire me all the time and as a blogger I want to share them with the world. Now I realize that could mean some post fatigue and I will try to not overwhelm you. My posts have a positive spirit about them but on occasion I will vent frustrations and question things. My blogging is about chronicling and curating the things in my life that are sacred to me at the same time doing so in a not too serious way. I don’t keep my blog in a box as it comes to when I post. Life is meant to blog about it.

Thank you WordPress community for accepting me and welcoming me here. I appreciate it. Keep on blogging!

A New Week Has Begun

Good morning, good people. Its a new day, a new week a new set of opportunities to do good things. My anniversary weekend was a great time to be together with my wife and for us to get a few things done around the house. I am grateful for the three-day weekend afforded to me by work. Now I am back on the job ready to make things happen and of course to earn a few dollars along the way. After work its Zumba which is something I enjoy weekly. Monday’s have their own routines I notice and you know there is something to be said about knowing what comes next. Then again you want to be surprised sometimes.

Have a great day everyone. Do amazing things in your world today. Rock on!

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