Friday Night Movie – Interstellar

interstellar-bannerThis is one of my favorite movies from last year. The scope of this movie is amazing. The messages of humanity, survival, science, history and family make this flick a must see. I am a fan of Matthew McConaughey who doesn’t disappoint. If you haven’t seen it, check it out.

Age of Respect

I am 45 years old and I don’t think I want to be known as someones elder, although I am technically. Long living is a badge of honor and the longer you live the more opportunities you have in life but you know I don’t think I want to be “superior” to someone because I am older. Children should be taught to respect their elders but there comes a time in life where there is equalization despite ones age. People you once called Mr./Mrs./Ms you can call in time by their first name. Age is a number, sometimes it must be respected but other times its something that shouldn’t be a serious issue.

That Was Easy…Don’t You Wish Life Was More Like That.

Don’t you wish it wish life was like this…


An easy button would be nice but we don’t have that option all the time. Maybe life isn’t meant to be easy for a purpose. Having a break every now and then is always needed. Relief from the stress of life is something we all want.

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