Daily Prompt: Age

Age they say is just a number, its also a statement of your life. Each number you reach is a witness to history both personal and global. Your age means different things at different points in your life. Thirteen you become a teenager, sixteen you get to drive, eighteen you become an adult, twenty-one you get to drink (in the USA) and much later at 65-70 you think about retirement. So the older you get the more you get to experience. Age is generational and how you relate to others can be impacted by the differences in ones age. Now age can be a good thing with cheese, wine and antiques. Their value increases the older they get. At this point in my life I am trying to remain relevant and to understand the world around me. Enjoy every age you become because you are a different person each year you become.

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Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone


Getting out of your comfort zone requires stepping out into unchartered territory, meeting people who are different from you and perhaps picking up on the language they speak. I also think it means meeting people half way and being willing to listen and understand. Yeah it can be scary but so rewarding in the end. Growth comes from being challenged.

Blog Of Ages

It’s cool when bloggers of all ages connect and that our ages are just numbers. This is a world where our shared passion of blogging is what matters most. In my relationships with other bloggers I am probably the crazy cousin or uncle but I would rather just be me.

Really where else would someone in their early 20’s be friends with someone in their 40’s or 50’s and it be no big deal. I am grateful for the insights that I get from people who are older and younger than myself. Each of us have struggled and are discovering what it is to struggle in life and that makes this whole thing more fascinating.

We are all different and we all have different things that drive us. Our passions come from our influences and how we look at things in life.

So the blog of ages is about you and me and how we share our hearts and minds with others to make things better.

Just so you know…

I am a middle-aged dork who seeks to bridge generations and to relate to others. People are people when it comes down to it and we all can gain from the experiences of younger and older folks. I believe in treating a 20 year old and a 70 year old the same and that is with respect, dignity and a little bit of love. One thing I have learned from blogging is that we are more alike than different and that our age is nothing but a number. Of course we should always keep things on the up and up in this crazy world we live in.

Me @ Mid Life, No Crisis Here

Being yourself in your mid-forties can be an adventure. Some folks my age are having a mid-life crisis but I don’t think I am. Knowing who you are and being yourself I think can help you navigate life better. Some of us in our forties are still finding out what life is about and welcoming the changes. I think fear, like anything can drive people to do things that are not healthy or wise.

One word of advice for folks my age I have is to learn new things, do things differently every once and awhile and have fun. Get to know younger people who can help you stay current on what’s up in the here and now. Building bridges generationally can be fun. Have fun though being the age you are. Of course taking care of yourself is helpful too. Mid-life is different for everyone but I hope it comes later for you because you plan to live a long time.

Age of Respect

I am 45 years old and I don’t think I want to be known as someones elder, although I am technically. Long living is a badge of honor and the longer you live the more opportunities you have in life but you know I don’t think I want to be “superior” to someone because I am older. Children should be taught to respect their elders but there comes a time in life where there is equalization despite ones age. People you once called Mr./Mrs./Ms you can call in time by their first name. Age is a number, sometimes it must be respected but other times its something that shouldn’t be a serious issue.