Keep Cool This Summer On The Cheap

I found a video similar to this on Facebook today and became fascinated. For not a lot of money you can make a DIY portable air conditioner with some parts you can get from your local hardware store. This is so cool and it does keep you cool.

When Stuff Doesn’t Work Right

Stuff is supposed to work and when it doesn’t it is frustrating. Doesn’t matter what it is. Our refrigerator and AC have had some challenges which means opening the old wallet to get it working like it should. Keeping things cool like human beings is important, keeping them warm is important too when it’s time to keep them warm. Everything in your house that is a convenience will break down at times and that just sucks.

For those who don’t know this is called adulting and sometimes it sucks. Don’t be in such a hurry for the responsibility of being eighteen and older. It has it’s privileges but there are lots of drawbacks too.

BTW humans need to work right too…that is a post for another time though.

Staying Cool

Air-conditioning-fanLiving in the southern USA (and I guess the southern Hemisphere too) it gets hot in April. All this global warming has means it gets warmer, sooner these days. Our air conditioning hasn’t worked right lately and we had refrigerant put in it today so things are cooling off in the house. A cool house is a happy house. A cool person is a happy person.

Staying cool is important for a lot of reasons. It means not getting angry easily and keeping calm. Our world has become a hotbed for anger, conflict and strife so we all need to do our part to keep things chill. Cooler heads should always prevail. Violence is easy, peace can be difficult. Always do the hard thing.

Whether it means a fan or an air conditioner or breathing in and out we all need to practice staying cool.

Memes About The Weather And Running The Air Conditioning

These are a couple of memes going around the Internet about how many of us are running the air conditioning here in December. The weather here is crazy if you ask me. Where is the cold weather? I blame El Nino.

The Heat Is On

Now is the time of year when you have to run your heat at night and your AC during the day. Fall can be a challenging season here in the south to keep comfy. Last night was the first night our heater came on and there was that familiar smell of dust being burned off the coils. The heat is on during the evening and during the day.