Hello First Day Of Spring

In the northern hemisphere it’s the first day of Spring. In my part of the world we didn’t have much of a Winter but I know other places got more snow and cold than they wanted. As the seasons change may we hope for good things to come. Love and peace to you all my friends.

Chattanooga Has Needed Rain, Badly! #chawx #chattanooga #weather

Chattanooga has faced a drought for months. We are getting some serious rain that will help us recover from the dry spell. I am very glad the weather is changing for the better.

What’s Up With The Weather, It’s Truly Confusing

I am confused about the weather we are having here in Tennessee. Forecasts have us with rain much of the week and early fall like temperatures. Cold temperatures have been few and far between. At times we are running the air conditioning during the day and heat at night. Maybe things will be seasonal soon and lets hope we can get some snow sometime. The weather here is messing how things are supposed to be at Christmas time. Perhaps there is something to be said about global warming.

The Heat Is On

Now is the time of year when you have to run your heat at night and your AC during the day. Fall can be a challenging season here in the south to keep comfy. Last night was the first night our heater came on and there was that familiar smell of dust being burned off the coils. The heat is on during the evening and during the day.