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Being Angry

Anger is a strong emotion. Everyone should have the ability to express it without fear. It’s OK to be pissed off for personal reasons. It’s helpful to have people in your life who understand what you are going through and won’t think you are a freak. Anger ideally should be a seasonal thing. If it goes past that season then perhaps getting some help would be a good thing to do. The best thing one can do is to express it, let it out and not to stuff it in. Too many people will do that and it will impact their mental health for the long-term. People who love you will understand the reasons you feel the way you do.

Rambling About Anger

Don’t take out your anger on someone innocent or someone just trying to do their job. Whatever is going on in ones life should not cause pain and agony for a bystander. Controlling ones emotions can mean bad things don’t have to happen to good people. If you find yourself getting pissed just take a step back and think about what you are going to do and say next. There are some things worth getting angry about but most times getting angry only hurts yourself. Please advance peace and don’t retreat old hurts. Yes much of this is easier said than done but it’s worth trying and doing.